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Case Study

Case Study: Data Migration for a Publishing Company


Sam Mitrovic


P.G.P. Publishing is a media company with national print and online publications. The team is distributed across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Prior to the pandemic, the main office was in Melbourne, and now the organisation is fully remote.


The challenge was to migrate data from on-prem servers to a cloud provider. The data was unorganised with many devices, legacy servers, phones, desktops, and audio recording devices.

There were many legacy applications that were unsupported with expired licences and proprietary extensions which meant we had to work with vendors to get the data out of those applications and transfer them to the cloud.

Course of Action

The first step was to take stock of the “inventory” i.e. all the data that needed to be migrated.

We then held meetings with management and internal stakeholders to understand what tools they are using currently, what their needs are, and how current workflows can be improved.

Solution Architecture

We recommended Google Workspace for collaboration and storage, Xero for finances, and a number of media/publishing-specific applications for the team to build stronger relationships with advertising clients and readers.

Impact and Benefits

The team is now fully remote, able to collaborate more effectively and easily access the data they need to do their job wherever they are and whatever device they are using.

Our solutions helped our client improve their user experience which is shown by better feedback from the readers.

The company lowered costs because they didn’t need office space for servers.

What’s Next

Our client is now confident that they have access to the data they need in a few clicks. The data has been gathered over decades and is an invaluable asset to the organisation.

The business is now well placed for growth and expansion due to having the right systems in place for teams, clients and readers.

Sam Mitrovic

About the author

Sam Mitrovic is the Founder and Director at CloudJoy. Sam is a marketer, builder and IT consultant. He has consulted large government organisations, venture backed start ups and everything in between.